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    GPS Tracking, Easy, Affordable and Informative
    GPS Tracking

    Easy, Affordable and Informative

    GPS Tracking, Easy, Affordable and Informative

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    GOFINDER - Affordable GPS Tracking, Tracing and Fleet Management Solutions

    Live-track your assets where and when you want via your smartphone, tablet or desktop

    All the information you need at your fingertips... Rich Reports, History, Log–books, Trip Lists, Street Maps and more


    Our Tracking Service



    • Simultaneously uses GPS and GLONASS - double the number of satellites of standard tracking products
    • Intuitive and very easy to use
    • Free smartphone applications - manage your assets on the go
    • 30 second updates
    • Rich reports providing a window on your business


    • Detailed journey records and maps
    • Comprehensive suite of alerts
    • Electronic time sheets save time and money
    • Recover your vehicle in case of theft
    • Immobilise remotely when required
    • Eliminates staff moonlighting
    • Identifies underperforming personnel
    • Provides proof of delivery of services

    FEATURES in more detail

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    What sets GOFINDER apart from other tracking companies?

    Established in 2004, GOFINDER is an Australian tracking services company offering the very best Australian designed online location platforms and mapping.

    Clients range from small business to TOP 100 companies and government departments.

    Privately owned, GOFINDER prides itself on finding the right solutions backed up by fast, efficient, personal service.

    Every customer is dealt with at director level – people who have over 50 years of dealing with the challenges of staff, overheads and regulations at small to medium enterprise level.

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    What our customers are saying...

    "My area of responsibility spends around $100000.00 on fuel per year, after installation of the vehicle trackers we have seen a saving of over 15% in fuel reduction. An added benefit to our organisation is from an OH&S perspective as we operate in remote locations and our tradesmen work alone. It enables us to locate our guys if they go missing or are uncontactable by mobile phone, the trackers also allow the admin to see who is closest to a particular job when it is called in so it can be dispatched rather than ringing several to find out."

    WN, Morwell Victoria

    "Since buying and installing my tracker I have had enjoyed product simplicity and excellent back-up support for a product that was potentially very complex for me. very happy to recommend this service, even to those who struggle with technology."

    RC, New South Wales

    "Looks like our first unit has found its first unco-operative staff member. He obviously couldn’t try to work better so he resigned yesterday but in the last two weeks we found out he has worked about 3-4 days in total out of 10 working days. Without Gofinder it would have taken us a lot longer to find out his actual working hours"

    DH, Brisbane Queensland

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