Gofinder Reporter - 3G anti-theft system
  • Sends reassurance once a day to smartphone or PC
  • Immediate SMS and Email alerts when moved
  • Can then be switched to live tracking mode for trace and recovery
  • Uses TWO satellite systems for TWICE the normal coverage
  • Works in hidden positions - even under vehicles
  • Ultra-low power consumption on standard C-Cell batteries. 2-5 year battery life.
  • Rugged low-profile weatherproof IP 67 Housing
  • No installation cost - can be fitted in moments
  • Telstra Next G Coverage
  • Works on the world-wide GOFINDER WIRELESS NETWORK

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Ideal protection for caravans, trailers, boats, jet skis, plant, machinery, classic cars, horse floats, generators etc.

$199 + $19.95 per month*


Track in a Box - Theft Prevention and Recovery
  • Live tracking
  • Telstra Next G coverage
  • High sensitivity GPS
  • Rugged weatherproof housing
  • Easy installation. No aerials
  • Tamper alerts
  • Mobile app
  • Receive email reports
  • Optional Driver i/d
  • Australia  Approved

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Ideal for Cars, Trucks, Plant and Equipment, Boats, Motorcycles, Motorhomes and Caravans


Gofinder Mobile Network

Ideal for proof of presence for security patrols,
field service management
and employee protection
for only $99 per year!

  • NOT just another GPS tracking application
  • Utilises existing Android NFC devices to provide precise and accurate site access reports
  • Subscription less than 30c per day per
    team member
  • Conventional GPS tracking outdoors
  • Real-time indoor and underground tracking via low cost, battery-less, checkpoint tags
  • Employee protection via Help button
  • Automatic electronic timekeeping
  • System updated every sixty seconds
  • No vehicle installation required
  • Eliminates costly paperwork
  • Does not affect mobile phone battery life

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$379* on a $29.95 monthly plan
for 24 months

Ideal for protecting unpowered assets,
machinery, plant and trailers.
Globalstar coverage across Australia

Fit and forget 24/7

  • Totally waterproof
  • No wiring, antennas or external power needed
  • Up to three years battery life
  • No bigger than two packs of cards
  • Sends SMS and Email alerts when disturbed

now available


GoFinder Spot Messenger

$199 plus corporate and commercial subscription

Protects lone workers, the vulnerable and those needing care. Small and light. An ideal portable safety device.

  • Virtually 100% satellite coverage outdoors
  • SOS button in case of emergency
  • Track and Locate from any web browser
  • Continuous tracking available
  • Can be located via any smartphone
  • Personal alarm button, OK button, custom message button

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